Germany: Incendiary Sabotage of Rail Network Used by Arms Companies

(Technical details are in bold.)

Between Allach and Unterföhring, there is a central rail section for arms companies, their suppliers and other capitalist companies. The rail network is used exclusively for goods transport for the transport of metals, cars and commercial vehicles. Krauss-Mafei, MAN, MTU, BMW, Linde AG and the Euro Industry Park all have direct rail links here.

So, on the night of 11.07/12.07 we placed incendiary devices at two sections where the cable lines cross (the cable lines are under the walkways parallel to the railway lines). In order to increase the increase the incendiary yield, we put long nails into the plastic bottles filled with gasoline. The devices were ignited by externally applied sparklers.

Sabotage the logistics and infrastructure of exploitation and domination.