Germany: Incendiary Sabotage Action Against Military & Corporate Communications Infrastructure

(Technical details are in bold.)

Ruling over people is re-organizing: using nets and algorithms, states and companies are accessing our lives every day. Now, in this moment, while reading this text, and in future times. And it expands. We are under surveillance and control.

Today, we have cut off some important networks and interrupted external control of our lives – a humble contribution to a moment of uncontrolled existence. The target of our intervention were BASE (Belgian mobile communication company, trading in Germany as E-Plus), Level3, Globalmetro Networks (supplier for military bases), Tele-Com, LIT (information technology company, in charge of the central administration network in Berlin), COLT (Regierungsnetze), and further military and non-military operators. Our specific aim was disturbing the airport in Tegel, the administration of Berlin and the state, the army, the fleet of the government and some industrial and technological companies.

On 26.3.2018, we have set fire to cables at Mörschbrücke in Berlin. Two massive bunches of cables (4 metres wide) were lying 30 metres apart from each other. Gas pipes were located at a distance of 15 meters away. The location of the fire was not accessible by people or cars. Harm of people was ruled out.

The hopefully high economic damage makes us happy!
Nets of power are open to attack.

Withdraw German weapons and Turkish troups from Afrin!

Vulkangruppe NetzHerrschaft zerreißen / Volcanic Group Rupture Network Domination

From Insurrection News