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Coast salish territories: Warriors Burn Down Mine Bridge

Secwepemc Ts’ka7 Warriors deactivate Imperial Metals Ruddock Creek mine road.
International Statement, October 14, 2014

With much discussion with Elders Councils and around Sacred fires and ceremonies the Secwepemc Ts’ka7 Warriors have acted out their collective responsibility and jurisdiction to and in the Ts’ka7 area by deactivating the Imperial Metals Ruddock Creek mine road.

Imperial Metals Corporation never asked for or received free, prior and informed consent to operate in Secwepemc Territory.  The Imperial Metals Mount Polley mine disaster, in the area known as Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe, the absolute destruction and devastation of our Territory has never been answered for.  No reparations have been made.    Instead Imperial Metals continues to force through another mine in our Territory while criminalizing the Klabona Keepers of the Tahltan Nation also exerting their jurisdictional and withholding consent from the same company.

The Ts’ka7 (Tumtum Lake Area) area is a Sacred and important area for the Secwepemc.  These are our Sacred Headwaters where the glaciers meet and melt and have fed the creeks and rivers in our Territory for thousands of years.  Our Kikye7e call this our food cupboards.  It is where we hunt, it’s where we harvest our food and our medicines.  It is the birthing grounds for our water and our salmon.  We live off this land.  Our land is our survival.  We need the land the land doesn’t need us.  Mother Earth carries on but it is our survival that is dependent on the land and the water.

The genocidal displacement of the Secwepemc from their Homelands through starvation, fear and assimilation by the state and industry being acted out by Imperial Metals stops now.  We are committed to the ongoing protection of our Territory.  Our salmon is sacred, our land is sacred, our Women are sacred, our water is sacred and we the Peoples, the rightful title holders are the decision makers and we will protect them.

Agreements made by elected chief and council do not have authority and do not represent us.  This is a warning to Imperial Metals Corporation:  Leave our Lands and do not come back.  This is a warning to the provincial government: You do not have jurisdiction on this Land to issue permits to any corporation.  This is a warning to investors (including the province), contractors, suppliers and subsidiaries:  Divest from Imperial Metals Corporation.  We the Secwepemc, united, will not allow Imperial Metals Corporation to continue. Secwepemc Law will prevail in our Territory.

Secwepemculecw wel me7 yews, wel me7 yews
Secwepemc Ts’ka7 Warriors

From Warrior Publications

Berlin: railway network sabotaged

(Technical details are in bold.)

Let’s go on strike!

This is the reason why today we sabotaged a part of the railway infrastructure near Ostkreuz (eastern crossroads) of the German capital. We cut the protection grilles of a bridge of caves below the doors and put fire in order to provoke a short-circuit of about one hundred signal, telecommunication and electric caves. We did our best to avoid damages to people. The relevant security systems for the management of the German Railway have been affected.

Our action is a halt signal. We had enough!

Berlin is the capital of one of the main arms exporters. Berlin is the capital of the most powerful country in the EU. In Berlin the end of nuclear power was announced but it will take long before nuclear plants are stopped. For the moment it is just a pseudo-end of nuclear power.

We are all responsible for what is happening. We all have the possibility to say: stop! Not with us. We go on strike against this excruciating and murderous normality. Something must change. Radically.

Mobility ensures precisely the smooth continuation of this normality. Our intention was to interrupt it, even if briefly. This kind of mobility has nothing to do with freedom or freedom of movement.

Freedom of movement does not exist for all the people on this earth. Refugees have freedom of movement only up to the borders of the EU.

After so many catastrophes we had enough. There nothing to discuss about the immediate cessation of nuclear power. We are no longer into it.

Images from Fukushima, powerless engineers, nuclear fusion kept under secret, forced evacuation of victims of radiations and hired workers no longer willing to sacrifice themselves for the profit of energy companies.

Committees of experts, ethic committee, committee for the safety of reactors – all this is bullshit: stop nuclear power now! Nobody has to trust their life into the hands of politicians servants of economy. Control and dominion over people are the real incidents in the history of humanity. There exists no government we might like, not even a little bit. Nuclear technologies and nuclear waste are being transported along the German railway. Both of them guarantee the continuation of the functioning of nuclear reactors. Both of them guarantee huge profits to the nuclear lobby and to the industry.

Since the beginning of the anti-nuclear movement, nuclear power has been imposed with violence, often against the will of people.

Even if the next Castor train arrived at destination, it would not be manageable on a political level. There are no cops who can save it. Nor can the military do it. It will bring about insurrection!

Deutsche Bahn AG, a public company, transports German weaponry to the harbours and airports from where it is taken to wars all over the world. Relations of dominion in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya etc have been protected thanks to these weapons. They have been also used recently to stop thousands of refugees. For example, Libya was provided with helicopters, weapons and surveillance technology. German is one of the main arms exporters in the world. Germany makes huge profits out of this. And it wages war when its interests, energy sources for example, are at stake. Berlin is the capital of Germany waging war.

Social conditions are unbearable. They must be changed now by all those who had enough. There will be no pacific choice without disruptions of normality and of the dominant class. The helplessness of many demonstrators is obvious. Why not to disturb the work of energy companies? Why not to block their provisions? Why not to occupy workplaces? Let’s go on strike against the normality of work, consume, bowing down, make profits and accept things as they are! Sabotage is a form of strike. It is a form of refusal, which disrupts the rhythm of this shit present. Where it does not work as usual, it becomes possible as an alternative. Let the bosses wait for us…

A society without dominion is possible!

We go on strike and sabotage daily destruction!

Let’s switch off nuclear reactors – now and forever! All over the world!

Let’s dismantle energy companies and arms factories, let’s destroy weapons and their routes of transports!

Open borders for all refugees!

The thunder of Eyjafjallajokull

A year ago, the Icelandic volcano went on strike against the European economic life. After just thundering at first, the volcano spitted out so much dust until 22nd May 2010 that all air traffic had to stop for seven days – lucky strike!

From Act for Freedom

Drive by barricade

(Technical details are in bold.)

Fennovoima-Rosatom tries to build a new nuclear power plant to Pyhäjoki, Finland. Nuclear energy is by every standards outdated technology, financially unprofitable, increases the centralization of energy production and produces hazardous nuclear waste for generations to come.

On top of it all, Fennovoima-Rosatom is destroying unique nature as we speak and messing up the Bay of Bothnia. Chosen location is a crappy one for a nuclear power plant by any means. Close to sea, close to groundwater. For example, the builders need to lift the ground level with meters to even get to start the constructions.

On tuesday 12.4. at 06 in the morning we blocked the traffic at the only road leading to the construction site and the landfills from continuing by burning a crappy car filled with car tires etc. in the middle of that Fennovoima road.

Paintjob on the car said “Dialog Devil”. That’s our dialogue and that’s what we have to say to everyone demanding dialogue with Fennovoima-Rosatom.

From Act for Freedom

Canada: railroad sabotage

(Technical details are in bold.)

A major railroad was sabotaged during the evening of Wednesday June 13th, in a farming area near Farnham, Quebec, in response to the call by the CLASSE for a day of nation-wide actions against the Montreal Conference of the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

The train signals system was turned on by sabotaging the electric box that controls the signals near an intersection, which eventually prompted the train traffic to be suspended for a moment. This location was carefully picked up, not only for the easy task it was, but above that for the crucial nature of the merchandise it transports, including a lot of filthy oil coming from the tar sands in the West, before this sole railway divides into different destinations such as Sherbrooke city, Bromont’s techno-park (which hosts some of the biggest names in the high-tech industry, including the infamous IBM) and further down on to New England.

This was just a beginning. There are many more fluxes that are crucial to the functionning of this system of oppression and its Holy Merchandise, and we are committed to do it again, and strike targets that will always hurt them more. Given our indefinite number (that ain’t an « invisible committee » for nothing), it is strongly recommended that each and every striker or supporter gets her/his hands dirty, alone or into groups, because we do not believe that these feel-good demosntrations will be enough to make Power change his mind. And the proof is in plain view… months of strikes, and even with our many fine hits and great achievements, especially in the face of the judicial/police despotism, the government still won’t give a damn about our most basic demands, and the cops are now clamping down on mainstream dissenters like they’d do with dangerous criminals. We are under a dictatorship, because liberty is now being considered a high crime.

To let this train ride -this very train that allows them to profit from the devastating exploitation- is to collaborate in silence. We say: « ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT! » This can’t go on like this. The techno-industrial society, because it intoxicates the living and destroys conditions of life, must be FORCED to a stop, or else it’ll soon be forcing us into mass graves! Fukushima was only the first sign of this ongoing catastrophy.

So we will make sure that the capitalists are paying for their abuse. Maybe the bill wasn’t very heavy, but we all can add our two cents!

Sabotage isn’t some vanguardist tactic or some childish vandalism, neither it is a provocation on the part of « smashers from outside of the movement » just as the filthy cops dare to spit in our ears (but who’s still stupid enough to even listen to them?). It has long been a completely rational and legit course of action, that empowered ALL of the strikes that changed history. In the face of a machine that’ll never discuss anything and always enforces its conditions through dictates, sabotage is one of the means to communicate revolt by putting it in relation with a wider uprising, and by imposing our own conditions to the crooks in power; that they walk along with these, or die along with their system!

This small gesture of resistance to the one-way train of industrial capitalism that has now become completely out of control was committed in solidarity with all the arrestees before and during this Grand Prix weekend (where the police has put their lives on the line for Bernie Ecclestone, notorious wealthy fascist) especially with Mathieu Girard, brutally arrested and detained during the funeral of his sister (our condoleances, comrade) and Andrea Pilote, arrested on the highway in strangely the same manner they shot the legendary Jacques Mesrine. Even if we do not know them, our hearts burn with blazing solidarity for these two comrades who fell victims of police violence. We also feel as much solidarity towards the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) folks in Europe and South America, and for the native people around the planet who still are struggling for their land.

– Invisible Committee for the End of Their History

From 325

Germany: Incendiary Sabotage Action Against Military & Corporate Communications Infrastructure

(Technical details are in bold.)

Ruling over people is re-organizing: using nets and algorithms, states and companies are accessing our lives every day. Now, in this moment, while reading this text, and in future times. And it expands. We are under surveillance and control.

Today, we have cut off some important networks and interrupted external control of our lives – a humble contribution to a moment of uncontrolled existence. The target of our intervention were BASE (Belgian mobile communication company, trading in Germany as E-Plus), Level3, Globalmetro Networks (supplier for military bases), Tele-Com, LIT (information technology company, in charge of the central administration network in Berlin), COLT (Regierungsnetze), and further military and non-military operators. Our specific aim was disturbing the airport in Tegel, the administration of Berlin and the state, the army, the fleet of the government and some industrial and technological companies.

On 26.3.2018, we have set fire to cables at Mörschbrücke in Berlin. Two massive bunches of cables (4 metres wide) were lying 30 metres apart from each other. Gas pipes were located at a distance of 15 meters away. The location of the fire was not accessible by people or cars. Harm of people was ruled out.

The hopefully high economic damage makes us happy!
Nets of power are open to attack.

Withdraw German weapons and Turkish troups from Afrin!

Vulkangruppe NetzHerrschaft zerreißen / Volcanic Group Rupture Network Domination

From Insurrection News

Germany: Incendiary Sabotage of Rail Network Used by Arms Companies

(Technical details are in bold.)

Between Allach and Unterföhring, there is a central rail section for arms companies, their suppliers and other capitalist companies. The rail network is used exclusively for goods transport for the transport of metals, cars and commercial vehicles. Krauss-Mafei, MAN, MTU, BMW, Linde AG and the Euro Industry Park all have direct rail links here.

So, on the night of 11.07/12.07 we placed incendiary devices at two sections where the cable lines cross (the cable lines are under the walkways parallel to the railway lines). In order to increase the increase the incendiary yield, we put long nails into the plastic bottles filled with gasoline. The devices were ignited by externally applied sparklers.

Sabotage the logistics and infrastructure of exploitation and domination.

Cable fire in the Hambach mine

(Technical details are in bold.)

We speak up as those who caused the breakdown of the lignite mining in the Hambach open pit last Sunday morning, April 24, 2016. As a target of our attack we chose the uncovered ground lines between the coal bunker and the conveyor belts collection point. With these cables all excavators, spreaders and conveyor belts are connected. The cables pass from the substation on the western edge of the pit near Oberzier, where is transformed from 280kV down to 30kV, to the conveyor belts collection point on steel frameworks at a height of about 20 – 200 cm. Including the insulation they were about 10 cm thick.

In order to achieve a secure effect on as many cables as possible we poured and ignited tremendous loads of petrol under the cables. Near the fire, there were neither buildings nor equipment to which the fire could have jumped over. There also were no people around. The various blackouts were accompanied by bright flashes, visible in the entire pit. They were due to the discharges of the power cables as soon as the insulation was melted away.

Our action was not only directed against RWE, but also against the dominant conditions. In a world where capital interests are in the foreground and the power structure ruthlessly pushes through its myopic interests against all odds, and against humans and nature, a radical resistance is needed. We want to oppose a resounding „NO“ to this system, as a first step to tilt this balance of power at some point.

The fatal impact of coal mining and coal-fired power generation on humans, nature and climate are well known. Nevertheless, the excavators of RWE are digging on every minute. We succeeded to prevent this for some time at least.

The attempt to mediate between RWE and the lignite resistance reveals the power structure. To mediate means to prompt the resistance to be less radical, less “mean” to RWE or in other words: “the resistance should not disturb”. Those who act this way accept the existence of RWE and its work of destruction as given. Thus the authoritarian violence is accepted, which is included in the mining and the power generation from coal and which is legitimized by law. But the rebel violence that resists appears to be illegitimate. The result can be only a whatsoever guarantee for continuity of operations for RWE, which now has the blessing of a part of the resistance as well. Namely of the part which has allowed to be incorporated into the arbitration procedure. The resistance is divided into the disabled and integrated part and the remaining isolated and “illegitimate” part.

When people say that such an action would harm the resistance, then this means that they accept that the power of the rulers can divide the resistance in good and evil. Evil is what hurts, really bothers and is effective. The pro lignite diary Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger writes: “Arson, violence against people, excavator occupations and senseless vandalism against technical facilities with the aim to paralyse opencast mines and power plants – the violence of criminal activity is increasing.” However occupations, arson and blockades are not senseless, but hinder very precisely the destructiveness of RWE. What in fact harms the resistance, is the obedience to the mightiest and their media who try to tell us what is good and evil. We should listen to our conscience and our reason, not to the media.

With our action, we have demonstrated that clever and careful militancy, with moderate and defensible own risk, can halt the normal operation of RWE. Our action could have been taken by any small group. We needed for it no special skills, knowledge or accesses. All necessary information is publicly available.

For a radical, resolute and direct resistance! For a world that will not be destroyed on behalf of capital interests!

From Chronik

Arsons and sabotage against the open cast lignite mine operated by RWE

On the night of December 31st we carried out 3 acts of arson and sabotage against the open cast lignite mine operated by RWE at Hambacher Forest.

We set up homemade stingers on the road used by the mine security forces to harass and distract them whilst we set fire to various bundles of cables and some wiring boxes by the side of the train tracks which are used to transport brown coal from the mine to nearby power stations. Halting the trains for some time.

Then we put the torch to a telecommunications mast on the edge of the mine and watched from a distance as the entire device went up in flames and continued to burn for over an hour.

And finally, just after midnight we attacked again, setting up more stingers on the security road closer to their compound. We then set fire to a burning barricade of car tyres and a large pile of logs by the roadside to lure security into our traps before retreating again into the forest to the sound of fireworks.

By making use of homemade stingers (wooden boards with large nails through them) we send a warm and rebellious embrace to imprisoned anarchist comrade Emma Sheppard on the anniversary of her arrest.

We carried out these attacks in solidarity with the ongoing resistance to the mines expansion from within the Hambacher Forest.

Strength and courage to all anarchist fighters, on the inside and outside.

Happy Black December.

– some anarchists

From Contrainfo