Arson & Sabotage

Incendiary Devices



Heavy Machinery


“I think it’s clear that the use of bombs by insurrectionary anarchists should either be discarded altogether or left to those who truly have an expert grasp on the fabrication of safe and effective improvised explosives. How many times have we read about bombs either not detonating at all, detonating at the wrong time and harming random passersby in the process, or detonating as planned yet causing ineffectual damage? This doesn’t even take into account the comrades who have already been killed or seriously maimed by the premature explosion of bombs they intended to use on targets. I feel strongly that, instead of bombs, a concerted effort should be made to use well-designed portable incendiary devices, since a potent raging fire will always do more damage than a low-strength explosion.” – This is our Job, Counter-information project

In line with the above reflection, we will only be including explosive techniques that cannot prematurely detonate, with the assumption that care will be taken to not endanger random passerby.

Techniques for sabotaging capitalist infrastructure and extractive industries