France- High Voltage pylon bends with wrenches and hacksaws

(Technical details are in bold.)

Video here 

Dear Messieurs L. Prentout, P.Remy, and PL.Jacob and A.Colrat

One night, not long ago, we observed a curious phenomenon that I’d like to share with you. Near Saint-Martin d’Aubigny a garland of little fireflies and several pairs of gloved hands were happily busy in our charming countryside. The hacksaws howled while monkey wrenches sang in the quiet night that the humming of your new THT has not interfered with yet. [Note by Warrior Up: this seems to imply that the pylons weren’t ‘live’ yet at the time of sabotage.]

Despite all the precautions you have taken, it seems that the services that seemed to be very busy recently, monitoring our homes, controlling our cars and all those delightful activities that you hold the secret of, were not able to enjoy this magical spectacle, let alone prevent it.

I assure you, dear gentlemen, that I had my glasses on and I was walking straight. Besides, the next day I was able to see that I hadn’t been dreaming. Large metal bars had taken elegant curves and the grasslands were scattered with bolts, as though Santa’s sleigh had crashed into your great iron towers. Because I guess it’s definitely gifts, albeit a little early, that were being prepared for you by these small hands that were taking care not leave you unsatisfied. And it seems that these little fireflies have become expert in the art of giving you such presents.

You will agree, dear sirs, admiring this spectacle, that your great work would be more charming if all the pylons of Cotentin-Maine started to look like that one. Hoping that public money will not be used to adjust such work and that from Flamanville to Beaulion-sur-Oudon, we can still enjoy the show of bars squealing and ballets of fireflies flitting around your 420 “EiffelTowers”.

 Sincere sawlutations!

 An admirer of aspiring artists

RTE, Reseau Transport Electrique – the “infrastructure” arm of EDF tasked with transporting electricity via pylons carrying power generated at nuclear power plant at Flamanville.

From Act for freedom now